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Hire Some Escorts to Party in Style


If you’re planning a London stag party, then consider hiring some escorts from La Belle Affaire to keep you company.

So, you’re the best man. While it’s an honour to have been asked to take such a prominent role in a close friend or family member’s wedding, it does come with a lot of responsibilities. The most important of all has to be organising a legendary stag night. Gone are the days where you’d just head to the pub. Now a stag night is almost as big as the wedding itself! So why not head to London for a weekend of non-stop partying and invite a few gorgeous escorts to join you?


Book the best

There are lots of escorts to choose from in London. The easiest way of ensuring that you and the lads get the best ones is to book with a high class agency. La Belle Affaire are the top provider of premium escorts in London, and they have a great track record when it comes to stag nights. Their girls are gorgeous, fun-loving, and really adventurous. No matter how wild you’re planning to get, these ladies will be more than capable of keeping up with you.

Partying in London

It goes without saying that you will find plenty of places to party in London. The capital boasts some of the best clubs in the world. Try booking a table or booth in advance, so you can enjoy a few glasses of champagne and enjoy the VIP treatment. After all, it’s not every day someone gets married! Don’t forget to tell everyone in the party to dress smartly too. Clubs in London are famously fussy about who they let in – and your escorts will be dressed up. So you don’t want to look out of place.

Some fun in private

After you’ve partied at a top London club, it’s time to head back to the hotel. Lots of guys head to strip clubs on a stag do, but why bother with that when you could enjoy a much more naughty show in the comfort of your London hotel room? You’ll all be able to unwind so much easier in the privacy of your room. Whether you enjoy the services of your escorts together or each of you heads off with a babe of his own, you can count on each guy being incredibly satisfied.

Discretion guaranteed

Obviously you’re going to get up to lots of naughty antics on a stag night. After all, what is a man’s last night of freedom for? One thing that you can count on is your escort’s discretion. The girls at La Belle Affaire have been on their fair share of stag parties, and they always keep their lips firmly sealed afterwards. So you can all really let your hair down without the worry of your partners’ finding out about what you got up to!

An epic night awaits!

A night in London really is the ultimate way to celebrate a stag do. With so many clubs to party at and hotels to recover in, there’s an option for every budget. One area where you should never scrimp is your escorts. Once you’ve experienced the service a high class escort from La Belle Affaire provides, you’ll understand why. So, let’s get the party planning started!

Why It’s Worth Paying More


The next time you hire a London escort, remind yourself of the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’.

When it comes to hiring an escort, it’s a good idea to pay a little more. Dolls and Roses are the leading providers of premium escorts in London, and their girls are well worth their higher price tag. Gorgeous, dedicated to your satisfaction and very discreet, these ladies are miles ahead of their cheaper counterparts. Here’s why you should save up and splurge for your next appointment.



It’s much safer to hire an escort from a high class agency. Why? Well, you’ll get an escort who has to play by her agency’s rules – and Dolls and Roses are very particular about what their escorts get up to. They never take part in risky behaviour with their clients, and they always practice physical intimacy safely. So you won’t be putting your own health at risk by spending a night with a Dolls and Roses girl.


When you hire a high class escort, you’re going to be spending time with a woman who is professional and utterly discreet. The escorts at Dolls and Roses know how to carry themselves, and will always dress and behave appropriately during your time together. This makes them ideal for all occasions, from big business evens to a private rendezvous in a five star London hotel.


If you hire a cheap escort, you might not be getting a girl who has the experience and skill to satisfy you. By splashing out on a high class escort from Dolls and Roses, you will be spending the evening with a woman who has truly mastered the art of seduction. There’s not much that these girls don’t know about pleasing a man, and they are really adventurous in the bedroom. So they can help you to fulfil your wildest fantasies.


A high class escort is far more than just a pretty face. They are intelligent and witty, and can hold a conversation – and nothing is more important than establishing a great rapport at the start of an appointment. They are also well-travelled, making them ideal dates for international clients. These escorts adapt quickly to any situation, making them the perfect plus ones.


Being a great escort isn’t all about good looks, but they certainly do help! The escorts at Dolls and Roses are breathtakingly beautiful, and many have spent time working as models. So you’ll be able to step out in London with a genuine catwalk-worthy beauty on your arm. When you book with a premium agency, you will never be lured in with false pictures. So by paying a little more, you’ll be guaranteed a date with the girl of your dreams, not a last minute replacement.

A well-earned treat

It’s clear to see that it really does pay to hire your escort from a premium agency. Yes, it might not be the cheapest option, but the service and peace of mind that you’ll get are well worth the price tag. So if you have a special occasion coming up, why not treat yourself by splashing out on a night with a Dolls and Roses babe? After all, you only deserve the best escorts in town!

Basildon escortsThe Best Escort Agency in Basildon

Basildon is home to some of the hottest escorts in the business, and many of them are exclusive to Hot Babes.

Are you facing another lonely night in? Then why hook up with one of the hottest girls in Basildon? With very little effort on your part, you can organise a date with one of the most beautiful Essex babes at a time and place that suits you. So how can you do this so easily? By getting in touch with the best escort agency in town of course! At Hot Babes you’ll find the best Basildon escorts in the business. Gorgeous, open-minded, and fun loving, these ladies are a joy to spend an evening with.

Cheap Basildon escorts

When it comes to booking your babe in Basildon, it pays to book with Hot Babes. They’ve established themselves as the top escort agency in the area, and that’s down to them offering a great service at an even better price. A night with one of their Basildon Babes doesn’t need to break the bank, so you can go ahead and treat yourself whenever you like!

Gorgeous girls

You’ll get to spend your banging night in Bas Vegas with an incredibly beautiful woman. Hot Babes have an extremely strict selection criteria, so you’ll only find the most gorgeous escorts in the business there. Many of them work for Hot Babes on an exclusive basis too, so it’s the only place you’ll be able to snap one of these breathtaking Basildon beauties up.

Your night in Basildon

The escorts at Hot Babes are open-minded and flexible, and enjoy both nights out and evenings in with their clients. If you want to party the night away, you’ll be spoilt for choice. After all, they don’t call it Bas Vegas for nothing! You and your escorts can hit buzzing nightspots like Unit 7 and The Edge and really let your hair down. Or you can enjoy a cosy, sensual night in at your home or Basildon hotel.

Discreet escorts in Basildon

The Hot Babes ladies are all true professionals, so you can hire them with complete confidence. They will always be on their best behaviour, and if you’re out in public together they will never do anything to give away the true nature of your date. They pride themselves on looking elegant and classy for their clients too, so they’ll fit right in wherever you go.

Talented in the bedroom

It goes without saying that the brilliant Hot Babes escorts are blessed with some serious skills of seduction. They love to please their clients and will spend a lot of time getting to know you and figuring out exactly what it is that you need. Adventurous and confident, a Hot Babes beauty will push the boundaries and show you entirely new meanings of the word pleasure.

Splash out on an unforgettable night

What’s stopping you from hiring one of the sexiest escorts in town? Now that you know where to find them, it’s as easy as picking up the phone and naming the time and place! Whether it’s to mark a special occasion or just to unwind after a long week, a night with a Hot Babes escort will leave you truly satisfied. So go on, treat yourself!

How to Become a Male Escort

Being an escort isn’t always an easy job. Like all jobs, it has its benefits and its drawbacks. It is a very personal type of career and it takes a strong person to become an escort. There are plenty of male massage london jobs available in big cities and it is becoming an increasingly popular decision for men to start a career in the adult industry.


Think it through

There are a number of questions you should ask yourself before becoming a male escort, the most important question being “am I ready to commit to being a full time escort?”. The job can be demanding and you are required to keep yourself looking trim and healthy, so it’s important that you are a physically active guy to begin with.

You will also need to be able to handle the emotional effects of being an escort, which includes meeting and being with new people who will have a range of personalities and traits. And most of all, you need to ask yourself, “Am I going into this field for money or for the fun?”. Deciding on this will help you create some expectations and help you to decide on what you are doing it for.

Decide on why you want to become an escort

There are many benefits in becoming a male escort. It can make you feel sexy and attractive, both looks and personality wise. You are also able to pick and choose the hours you work and above all, you are being paid really good money to provide companionship for women.

Learn the rules and guidelines

When becoming an escort, the rules are about being safe and staying confident in the company you are with. Safety is very important, to both your body and for yourself. Saying no is okay, so be prepared for somebody to be upset when you say no, but also stay firm in your answer. Most of all, enjoy the time you spend with the person you are booked in with, whether it be an evening of cocktails or dinner at a local restaurant.

Have the right personality

Being a male escort isn’t for most men, as most want relationships for love or commitment. It’s important to divide your personal feelings from what you want as a professional. Decide on your limitations with women and look deep inside yourself to find out if you have the ability to handle this type of work.

babes of london julyWhat Sets Girls in the Capital Apart

When it comes to escorts, those living and working in London have a certain something that makes them very special.

For gentleman who’ve got plenty of experience of hiring escorts, London takes some beating. There’s just something about the escorts working in the capital that set them apart from their European counterparts. For someone who’s never hired an escort before, it’s brilliant to know that the best girls in the world are right there on their doorstep! So let’s take a closer look at what makes a London escort so much better than any of her rivals on the continent. Is it her looks? Her personality?  Or something much harder to define that can only be found in the capital?

Sexy and stylish

London escorts have a sense of style that’s all their own. A little more daring and adventurous than, say, ultra-chic French women, these ladies are full of confidence and aren’t afraid to pull out all the stops. From cheeky girls with lots of piercings and tattoos in trendy Shoreditch to sexy designer-clad babes in Chelsea, there’s going to be a girl to suit you. For your pick of the hottest babes in the city, consider booking a date with one of the many London escort girls. You’ll find a London lady who’s just your type.

Love to party

London escorts are real party animals, and love to dance until the early hours at the capital’s hottest clubs. London is a city that never sleeps, and anyone who’s lived in the city knows that there’s nothing a Londoner likes more than a few drinks, some music and someone to dance with. So that must rub off on the city’s escorts! Dressed in their sexiest outfits and with an appetite for some fun, they’re the best girls to visit a nightclub with.

They love culture too

It won’t come as too much of a surprise, but London escorts are real lovers of culture. They enjoy trips to the theatre, classical music recitals and exclusive parties at art galleries. If you’re a high-powered businessman who needs a date for an important work event or you’re in town and want to experience a West End show, a London escort really is the perfect companion. Yes, they do love to party, but they’re available for all kinds of dates too. Which kind you hire her for is completely up to you.

They’re up for all kinds of fun

Last but not least, London escorts are famously open-minded and adventurous. Working as an escort in one of the world’s busiest and most diverse cities means that an escort meets all kinds of different men, and picks up lots of experience of how to please them. So when you book your escort, you can be sure that she’s going to do all that she can to leave you feeling completely satisfied.

Book your dream date today!

Apart from everything that we’ve discussed, there is something mysterious about what makes a London escort so special – something that you just can’t put your finger on. Equally, you won’t be able to get enough of it! This enigmatic charm makes her the sexiest kind of escort in Europe. So if you’re facing an evening alone in the capital, why not book a hot London babe and see where the night takes you?

escort on badA Gentleman’s Complete Guide

Hiring an escort doesn’t need to be a scary or confusing process – not if you know what to expect!

More and more men are hiring escorts, and it’s not hard to see why! A flexible and fun alternative to dating, hiring an escort is a really simple process that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied at the end of the evening. If you have never hired one though, the whole scenario can seem a little intimidating. Don’t worry – it’s completely natural to feel that way. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with how to hire and what to expect from an escort, you’ll be more than ready for your first date! Here’s everything you need to know.

Only book with the best

First things first, it’s always important to make sure that you hire your escort from a genuine agency. As a bit of a novice when it comes to escorts, you may not know what to look for as much as more regular punters. Make sure that the agency that you hire from has a great reputation and lots of reviews like Suzanne’s Escorts. Lots of photos of the escorts are a must too, as well as clearly defined rates. It’s fine to ask questions when you book, as the agency want you to be as happy with your date as possible.

Ignore the horror stories

Everyone has heard horror stories about men being caught in embarrassing situations when they hire a woman to spend the evening with, and you might have concerns about your privacy and safety. That’s perfectly normal, but you won’t need to worry about that you if you book with a good agency. A high class escort takes the privacy of her client very seriously, and will always act with the utmost discretion.

Making the right impression

Like any other kind of date, it’s vital that you look and act that part while you’re with your escort. You don’t need to dress up in a full suit and tie to meet your date, unless you’re going somewhere fancy of course! Clean clothes are essential though, as is personal hygiene and grooming. You won’t just impress her, but you’ll feel more confident in yourself too. It’s important that you treat your escort with respect too, complimenting her and not pressuring her into doing anything she feels uncomfortable with. If you’re the perfect gentleman, she’ll be more than willing to go on a second date with you!

It’s all about having fun!

Last but not least, just have fun! A night with an escort is all about you, and it’s a chance for you to fulfil some of your longest-held fantasies. If you’ve always wanted to live the high life in London with a gorgeous woman on your arm, now is the time to do it! Or if you want to spend an incredibly sensual evening getting up close and personal with your escort tending to your every need, book a night in a hotel! There’s no right or wrong reason to hire an escort, and your companion just wants you to have a great time in her company. We’re pretty sure that between you, you’ll be able to figure out a way of doing just that!

Marie Elite EscortWhat They Reveal About Life as an Escort

When two high class escorts lifted the lid on their careers, lots of people were very interested in what the job actually entailed.

A call girl, an escort: whatever you want to call her, she’s one of the most enigmatic and alluring figures in the world. That is largely down to the fact that very, very little is known about what the typical day to day goings on of what some lovingly refer to as ‘the world’s oldest profession’ actually are. We’ve seen films like Pretty Woman and TV series’ including the Secret Diary of a Call Girl attempt to uncover what being an escort really is like. Now though, two genuine high class call girls have lifted the lid on what it really means to be a professional seductress.

Dates can vary hugely

If one thing is clear about escorts, it’s that there are plenty of misconceptions about them – too many to count, in fact! People tend to think that men hire escorts for one reason alone, but the truth is that it’s a lot more nuanced than that. Cookie Jane and Emily B, stars of a new documentary all about escorts, reveal that their clients hire them for everything from providing physical and emotional intimacy to just accompanying them to dinner or a trip to the theatre. Being a high class escort means that a woman will be meeting men from all walks of life, especially in a city like London. She will need to be open-minded, intelligent and up for lots of fun – whether she’s heading to a night at the opera or straight to a client’s hotel room. So she’ll need to have plenty of skills to succeed!

They’re treated like princesses

The rather tawdry image we have of escorts hanging around on street corners couldn’t be further from the truth either – these ladies have dedicated, loyal clients who come to them. They’re looked after by these clients too. In return for their services, they’re treated to holidays, shopping trips, dinner, and cocktails. These ladies enjoy a fantastic lifestyle, and prove that escorting in the capital can be very lucrative indeed!

Finding your own escort

So, where can you hire your own high class London escort? Well, there are plenty of hot escorts in Mayfair for you to choose from! Elite VIP Models are one of the leading escort agencies in the capital, and lots of their stunning ladies have highly successful modelling careers. So they’re really in a league of their own, making them very high class indeed. Discreet and professional at all times, they’re the perfect companions for any kind of date. So if you want a girl who’s guaranteed to be gorgeous and suitable for any kind of evening you have planned, you know who to call!

Life as an escort is pretty good!

Getting a glimpse into the life of some genuine high class London call girls is really interesting, as it’s clear that no two appointments are the same. So if you’re thinking of hiring an escort of your own, don’t hold back! These ladies have plenty of knowledge of not just how to please men, but a whole variety of other life experiences too. Cultured, adventurous and of course, beautiful, a high class escort is the perfect date.

male escort

When you are travelling solo to a far destination, you have to do almost everything without anyone’s help. Some individuals love to have an ideal companion with them who can make them feel really comfortable. Unfortunately, finding someone to accompany you in a place where you’re not accustomed to can be quite hard. This is where hiring a male escort can be beneficial. A male escort can help you enjoy your trip and make it successful.

They make their clients feel secure and comfortable

It is a fact that nowadays, both men and women hire escorts. Top escort agencies offer various services such as straight male and female escorts, gay male and female escorts and bisexual escorts. You can choose whatever suits you the most depending on your wants and needs. A male escort can make your trip a very pleasurable experience. Make sure to choose a guy with experience which can be vital in making sure your trip will be successful. These professional male escorts are knowledgeable in handling different kinds of people and they can easily adapt to whatever situation to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. They can also make you feel a sense of protection which will help ensure you are in the proper frame of mind to go about your duties with confidence.

Loyality and very professional

One of the most essential factors is that good male escorts are very highly professionals. They know how to interact in a professional and friendly manner with the people you will meet as well as dress accordingly to the situation. Male escorts who are properly skilled know how to play their roles right and they make it a point not to cross the line and make your clients annoyed. Seasoned professional escorts can be associated with this kind of professional approach and they can also be kindly comical to entertain you in the best possible way.

Being loyal is another trait of a quality escort and the good agencies out there will always give you a loyal, honest, witty, intelligent and good looking escort.

Good looking, flexible and healthy

The best male escorts out there are not just good looking, they are healthy as well. You can take them anywhere you please and you will be proud with them in your arms. These professional escorts are very flexible too. They see to it that they fit within your plans and they will always listen to you with patience. You can also share everything with them and they will not be biased at all. The perfect male escorts are very caring and they help you in relieving your stress in the best way possible. These reliable escorts make it a point to carefully follow your instructions and make an honest effort to perform whatever roles or tasks they need to perform according to the wants and needs of their clientele. This kind of approach will give you an easier time throughout the course of your trip with great eagerness and excitement.

Having our sexual desires fulfilled is a basic human need, but achieving this need isn’t exactly easy, this is why prostitution exists; the easiest way to get some action is to pay for it. Prostitution has been around for as long as time can tell, but over the years society has started thinking of the concept of selling sex for money as twisted and has started to look down on it, nowadays it’s hard to find sexual services in many countries since the practiced is condemned by society and is even made illegal is some places.

It’s a challenge to find sex workers roaming on the streets, such as in Chester, since many countries have prohibited prostitution and regard it as a crime, the main reason behind this is to prevent an increase in street crimes related to street prostitutions. However, this doesn’t mean that prostitution isn’t available anymore or is completely illegal, escort agencies exist to help people find sexual services in a manner that is not illegal and is a lot safer as well. These agencies exploit the numerous loopholes in prostitution based laws by advertising their escorts in an indirect manner, some agencies masquerade as massage parlours but a large majority of them operate through the internet.

They advertise their escorts through pictures and help clients get in touch with escorts that they like, the agency always charges for its services but considering what they do their services are worth it. The biggest advantage of an escort agency is that it helps people find sex workers in a perfectly legal manner, it also helps get in touch with the escort, other than this they also ensure that the process of finding a worker and arranging a meeting safer. Since these agencies act discreetly and value privacy a lot, working through them always ensures that the client doesn’t have to worry about their privacy being compromised at all.

An escort agency can add to the cost of hiring a sex worker, but it has so much to offer that most people should consider availing their services.

If you’re looking for an escort agency in London, there are many high class escort agencies, such as Babes of London, with a selection of the most beautiful and intelligent escorts available. With years of experience in the industry, escorts can provide the very best companionship, whether it be an evening of fun and thrills, a sophisticated night out or a cozy night in. Contact escort agencies directly to find the very best prices.

Selling sex for money is a practice that has been present around the world for a really long time, in ancient times it was an ordinary thing and public edinburgh escort prostitution wasn’t considered bad at all, but as society progressed and advanced people started to look down upon the practice and condemned it. Even today prostitution is considered to be a bad practice, many countries have laws that prohibit the act in order to keep the sex industry from flourishing, but this hasn’t really stopped the sex industry at all, you can still find sex workers anywhere in the world if you know where to look.

The reason why the sex industry hasn’t been stubbed out is because there’s a lot of debate on whether it is right or wrong, some people say that it’s immoral and wrong to sell an intimate act for money while others say it’s okay as long as the sex worker is okay with it. Due to this debate there’s a lot of confusion about the whole thing, many countries have laws that prohibit prostitution but these laws are quite confusing themselves, filled with inconsistencies and loopholes. For example in some countries the act of prostitution is legal but owning a brothel or participating in prostitution is a crime, in the UK prostitution and escort services are legal but availing these services is a serious offense.

These inconsistencies make figuring out the law quite hard, but it also makes finding loopholes and exploiting them quite easy, and escort agencies do just this, they provide people with access to sex workers in a manner that ensure that no one gets in trouble with the law. Mist escort agencies advertise escorts as people offering other people their company for a fee, clients who are interested in an escort can get in touch with them through the agency and then two parties are left to sort out the details by themselves in private. Escort agencies help people gain access to sex workers without compromising their privacy and without getting into trouble with the law.

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