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You can find a lot of escort agencies on the internet that openly advertise their escorts for hire, as Babes of London’s Escorts these companies help people get in touch with sex workers in order to find easy sex, but most of these agencies operate in countries where selling sex for money is illegal. Due to this many people wonder how are these companies able to operate without getting into trouble with the law, the answer to this is pretty simple; these agencies exploit loopholes in order to provide their services without getting into any trouble.

The reason why most countries have anti-prostitution laws is to prevent street prostitution since street prostitution leads to trouble in the street and a potential increase in crime rate. Escort agencies operate in a discreet manner, they hire escorts by advertising in newspapers or by taking in escorts who are referred by their existing escorts. Smaller agencies tend to operate through phone only but larger escort agencies have their own websites in which they maintain biographies for all of their workers, clients can browse through these biographies and ask the agency to help them get in touch with an escort that they like.

These agencies act as middle men who help people get in touch with sex workers, all they do is arrange a meeting and charge for their services, details related to the services are left to be negotiated and decided by the two parties. You might think that these agencies don’t do much, but their services make the entire process of finding a call girl and arranging a meeting with one extremely simple and safer as well, for the escort and for the client. Escort agencies always try to have a diverse range of workers on hand in order to cater to their client’s tastes, some even have escorts of varying sexualities.

It’s safe to say that these agencies are perfectly legal, clients and escorts can find a platform on which they can get in touch with one another and enjoy their services, making the sex industry easier to access by everyone.